The word “vintage” is a sultry step back into the lacy things in life; or, the re-evaluation of an item that no longer fulfills its duty but can now find a loving place in a household of other reimagined things. Vintage also means “old” to some or “time-honored” to others. Vintage holds a patina on its skin and deep memories in its bones.

What end of the scale do you find yourself?

“West” comes galloping into view through the bucolic dreams of so many who feel they were born a hundred years too late. West is sunsets, ghost towns, warm desert zephyrs at dusk, the kind you can enjoy sitting with your favorite poems on a patio lounge chair. West is also the direction this magazine takes. It aims its barrel at the true and real rustic nature of Old West, Western films, Western memorabilia, Western events and adventures, and those things that remind us of playing Cowboys and Indians in the good old days.

And for the decorator in all of us; VintageWest is a hybrid for finding the things that feel so good to gaze at. If you are a collector, you’ll find pages of ideas, just what you were looking for to make your Western life complete.

Since the near-demise of printed magazines is slowly taking turns at the windmill of digital-age periodicals, VintageWest Magazine will give you the feel of a magazine without the glossy paper but with the dog-eared page corners so you can turn to the next taste of the West.

You won’t find VintageWest Magazine laying on the doctor’s table in the lobby; or, rolled up under the arm of the busy commuter. It will not be laying in the bottom of the birdcage, or wrapped around fish from the market. (Do they even do that anymore?) Whatever. This is now the digital age of publications where an author can become a Best Seller overnight even those self-published without help from the big press houses. This is also the age of absolutely horrible fiction from writers who think they have the Great American Novel. You just might find a column in this magazine called — The Great American’t Novel — to coin a new phrase.

The West is vibrant, moving, and forward-looking. Vintage is aching for the times when we reused our things because it was simply the logical thing to do. That is what VintageWest is compelled to offer … time-honored tradition with a bold Western twist.


Rusty LaGrange — the editor