Welcome to VintageWest Magazine.

Our writing guidelines are to promote the best content for our readers.

When you choose to submit a short story or article or poem, use these standards:

  • ¬†font in Arial 11 point.
  • ¬†single spaced document in MSWord as an attachment
  • PDFs and CDs in format are accepted, and through Google Drive as well
  • while poems can be a challenge for layout, entries will be restricted to 40 lines; layout is editor’s option
  • photos or graphics with story are encouraged, give credit to photographer / artist
  • photos can be full-sized or reduced to Web page values [from megabytes to kilobytes]
  • you may title your work, but it may not be locked in by publishing day
  • be sure to associate your written submissions with your photographs to avoid losing captions
  • you will retain your world and internet media rights. Be sure to read and sign your agreement
  • read our posted “terms of use” and “privacy policy” [see Terms / Policy page]
  • entering a “VintageWest contest” is different than submitting entries to be published
  • contests will be open to all writers, previously published in this magazine or not
  • submissions will not be paid at this time, however a free one-year subscription can be yours [see Subscribe page]
  • if your submission is accepted and you are also an advertiser, a discount of 25% will be offered
  • I am flexible with new story ideas and creative content, but I do value my integrity. Censor your content to general audiences.
  • if you submit a travel story be sure to check your facts thoroughly, and consider the time frame and season
  • if you have questions not covered here, please email me — [email protected]

Thanx for your interest in writing for VintageWest,

Rusty LaGrange — editor/publisher