Our rich network of bloggers in the High Desert of Southern California is not limited to this area. Many bloggers come from extended background that can enhance the reading value of VintageWest magazine readers.

I have an open invitation to regional bloggers. From this date forward — October 1st — you can submit your selected blogging posts to the Editor for consideration. Just make sure that you have a subject of interest that will fit under one of the magazine’s many departments.

Departments to be Featured in VintageWest Magazine:

Vintage Decor                                                               Events on the Horizon

Southwest Crafts                                                          On the Web

Collecting Vintage Pieces                                              Southwest Style

Old West History                                                          Artist / Writer Profile

Poetry For the Desert Spirit                                          High Desert Gardening

High Desert History                                                      Antique-abilities Market

Recipes From Vintage Sources                                     Ghost Town Trails

A Blogger’s View                                                          Flora & Fauna

Route 66                                                                       On Vintage Paper

Scenic Routes: Hwy 247                                               High Desert Museums