For the past few days, between working on a guest presentation for our local museum association and writing, I’ve been working on the interior bones of VintageWest magazine. Those interior parts that make the magazine safe and legitimate for the writers, photographers, and bloggers who wish to support me in my efforts to pack the pages with things we love about the West.

Although it’s taking me a bit more effort to complete, it’s not a hard job to do. The time it takes to establish the rules of this business to include the “terms and policies” for the “subscribers” who will want the best coverage and protection I can offer is worth it. Authors’ rights and the industry’s worry of fraud and identity theft looms even in small publishing houses as well as the big ones. i want policies in place prior to the open door policy of a Call to Submit online.

I’ll soon be offering a Call to Writers to submit their work to VintageWest magazine.

If you wish to be notified as early as possible. sign in with your email address. I’ll be establishing a” hot link” page for those who do become published. This will be a free service whether I’m able to provide compensation or not for published work.

Send to [email protected]

Talk later,