Step by Step

As with every new project, there is a learning curve and I seem to have tripped over mine. I’ve found out  that the software I can use for a flip-page digital, horizontal format is much pricier than I first thought. As I’m moving through the process, there are many more extra features that you might see in an advanced version. So I need to work through more levels.

Process Begins at VintageWest magazine

Marketing and Ad Campaign Begins the Process

Software is proprietary in this case. They can set their price — which they have a right to do. But for a start-up, that can seem daunting. This is a “shoe-string” operation, and with that, I also need to run every aspect of the magazine business.

So while I get some money together — I’ll have time to study the features that will allow my readers to view VintageWest Magazine on different devices, as well as view and search on its pages with ease. No one wants to attempt reading a double page on a 3″ screen without having the conversions working.


I’ll need to begin my ad campaign for digital photos and classes, allow for a variety of ad sizes and prices, and talk-up how color enhances all advertising facets. If you are a potential advertiser, jump on over to Advertising Page and check out my rates. You’ll find some good deals on combination ads with subscriptions in other websites. I have a partnership agreement with so if you see something there, you may save some money.

Personally, I don’t really like to read on a Kindle. I enjoy holding and ruffling the feathers of each page, holding the heft in my hand, and avoid hitting myself on the head while I’m attempting to stay awake. It’s not that topics are boring but I find it very easy to slip into a “food coma” right after breakfast — even after lunch. I just can’t keep my eyes open or my di

Once I get on a production schedule it will be easier to manage my workload and my time.

Until then, keep in touch and I’ll keep you up-to-date.



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